It’s a brand-new year, and we’re in a brand-new chapter in the pandemic, which means it’s time to wake up and start thinking about what comes next! Much of last year was trying to figure out how to survive. Well, it’s time to think about how to thrive! I’m not just talking about thriving as an institution called Church. I’m talking about you and me—the Church—and how to reengage our personal spiritual growth.

You may have developed some sloppy habits last year. Months of Church online and no face-to-face discipleship classes may have lulled you to sleep. Well, this is your wake up call!

As America (and the rest of the world) crawls out of this pandemic and comes back to life, we have some defining years ahead of us. This decade started with a whimper, but our own version of the roaring ’20s are coming! The only question: What will be the roar? Will it be the roar of the continuous bickering and division that characterized the last decade? Or will the pendulum swing to the other extreme (as tends to happen), and our euphoric country turns to parties and pleasures and material goods and entertainment at the expense of anything real—history repeating itself.

How will we respond to where we have been? It matters because our response will determine where we are going.

This study is all about the need for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to roar again. It’s about calling the people in our lives back to real hope; real meaning; real joy; real security; real love. It’s about waking up and responding to the roar of Christ and echoing it to those in our lives.

For the next 40 days, devote yourself to daily prayer, devotion, and reflection. Each day, commit to spend 15-20 minutes here, reading the daily devotion and the Scripture that goes with it, praying about what you have learned and recording thoughts in your journal. As usual, along the way, we will gather regularly to encourage one another and support one another, so commit, also, to being present with your group each weeknight. We pray that by Day 40, we will all be prepared to move forward with a new perspective of God and new energy for doing His work.

You are looking at a powerful opportunity. Seize it! Allow God to speak to you during the next forty days, and you can bet you will be different when you reach the conclusion.

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